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I spend quite a bit of time editing and proofreading for clients. As a reading-writer, I enjoy reading and reviewing Christian fiction/nonfiction books that set well with my choosy soul. So, I spend a great deal of time scouring Amazon.com and Goodreads.com. It used to be that if a book blurb on the back cover enticed me to purchase it, I took it home, got cozy and started reading. If I wasn’t hooked by the first three paragraphs, that book got tossed on top of the donation pile. No, it wasn’t a waste of money. Some less particular someone somewhere probably picked it up. Good for them if they enjoy reading non-descriptive scenes, poor editing, and flat unrelatable characters.

Personally, I enjoy the kind of Christian/Inspirational fiction/nonfiction that dares me to put the book down; the kind that insists upon going with me into the bathroom; bold writing styles and believable settings that makes me forget time and ignore that my leg is falling asleep. This means that the setting, the main character, a well-written narrative, relevant facts, and the plot has grabbed me by the throat. If not, I can’t finish that book. I just can’t! So I don’t.

There’s plenty of room for self-published book reviews on The Blog About. I enjoy supporting self-published works. Self-publishers are the reason I started Ichthus Inspirational Publications® (www.ichthushouse.org) in 2000. I know exactly why you chose to self-publish your manuscript.

So, here’s what traditional and self-published Christian writers and authors can expect to see on The Blog About next to select books:
1. Honest book reviews (No fudging the truth here).
2. Integrity (No fudging the truth here, either).
3. Constructive Feedback
4. Professional editing recommendations (I’m gentle but experienced)
5. An overall critique (Insightful recommendations based on years of experience)

What qualifies me? Read About Rene

So, should you find your book listed on The Blog About, consider yourself blessed. It means that your writing hooked me by the throat.

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