A New Year of New Discoveries

This year, I decided to start reading Christian authors who mirror my affection for God and the Bible. Not searching for anyone, in particular, I stumbled across a sister named Lakisha Johnson here: https://authorlakishajohnson.com/,

A few hours ago, I thought, Who is she? I never heard of her before. Then, I realized I had never heard of the author before because I’m writing or reading my Bible when I’m not immersed in client manuscripts. Hello-oh! Cruising Johnson’s author page, reading blurbs and her devotional, I discover what I least expect: Lakisha Johnson is a church Pastor!

Still cruising, I find this, https://www.ubawa.org/news/congratulations-to-ubawas-top-100-authors-of-2018, and I’m impressed. Intrigued by the blurb on her landing page, I ordered the Kindle edition of The Marriage Bed Lies and Deception. A story of marital intimacy and a life-altering secret. Sounds juicy! Right? From what I’ve read so far, Johnson seems to leave the door to the bedroom in this book, wide open.

I’ll keep you posted.

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